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Strategic Advisory Committee.

The MerLion team navigates a consistent and professional course with the guidance of an experienced top-tier Strategic Advisory Committee.  In a Leader-Mentor style, the “SAC” recognizes that while people, equipment and processes make a business, people are always at the core.  That in mind, MerLion’s “People are your Platform” mantra drives a people and performance based approach to your operations as your ultimate protection solution.

Arnie Tyler

CEO and President

Captain, U.S. Navy, Retired

Arnie founded MerLion to continue bringing executive risk management guidance to clients operating in regulated, complex and/or conflicted environments.  His teams have protected critical assets and operations for corporations, the U.S. Navy, the energy industry, and governments to accomplish goals that matter: opening markets for safe South American business operations in South America, re-opening energy projects in contested waters and shore bases of West Africa, stewarding global resources through recycling classified U.S. warships, and protecting humanitarian supplies passing through critical international ports. His integration of vetted intelligence, coordination of necessary resources, and integrity of logistics allow you to focus on maximizing safety, efficiency and margin anywhere you need to operate.

Scott Jerabek

Senior Advisor

Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy, Retired

Scott is MerLions Strategic Advisory Committee Lead and brings unparalleled strategic experience to your table.  His experience is based in the Surface community of the US Navy and while he began as a Naval officer on a battleship he branched into in securing maritime interests around the world focused on ports, waterways and critical onshore operations and supply chains beginning in the Arabian Gulf.  He capped his career supporting security interests in Latin America and finally managing existential threats to national security.  Admiral Jerabek is a celebrated mentor of leaders world-wide, and is at your disposal as a leader of MerLion’s Strategic Advisory Committee.

Randy Dobbins

VP of Operations

Master Chief, US Navy (Retired). Consultant, Performance Motivation

Randy embodies “deck plate leadership” at its finest!  Bring a leader of team players into your security operations and enhance your team effectiveness and productivity.  As a result of his clear standards and motivational efforts for mid-level leaders and operators alike Randy’s teams have achieved numerous awards for professional, focused, and effective unit security operations. Make the security practices of your business ventures focused, efficient, and cost effective with quality teams behind your efforts.

Steve Morris

Chief Technical Officer

US Secret Service, Retired. Consultant, Physical Security Specialist.

Steve brings the knowledge, relationships and experience that over 23 years in the United States Secret Service instills in its’ agents.  He has assessed technological needs supporting security of US Presidents and other key US Leaders conducting literally hundreds of advances both foreign and domestic.  He is an Interagency Training Center trained Technical Surveillance Countermeasures Agent and expert in counterterrorism tools and techniques.  He maintains expertise in physical security measures such as secure communications, security cameras and intrusion detection systems.  He has also taken point roles on consulting projects to US international partners advancing their security programs and practices to meet developing threats in their sphere of influence. Steve Morris brings MerLion clients capabilities in electronic surveillance integrated into effective incident mitigation plans. Once again you have one of the best giving you an operational advantage.


Ed Hagan

Senior Consultant

Senior Chief Bosuns Mate, US Navy, Reserve

Ed is a premier trainer and operator in the security operations environment.  His expertise has been requested “by-name” numerous times by senior officials to address critical asset anti-terrorism plans and implementation, patrol boat crew training and operations in ports and adjacent littoral waters, and developing security cooperation between nations. From executive protection to convoy security to securing critical supply chains serving NGO and Department of State agendas Ed Hagan brings you unparalleled security operations and training expertise to achieve your corporate goals in any theater of operations.

Dionisio Ortiz II (Dio)

DIRECTOR – PUERTO RICO / U.S.V.I., Merlion Advisory Group, LLC

Dionisio has over 35 years of private sector, Federal Government and International experience (Central & South America), primarily working with sensitive security and efficiency-improving strategies. He brings a unique perspective to the MERLION Team. Detailed know-how of IT networks, Port Security Systems, fiber-optic optimization and internal & external communications requirements in a secured environment allows Dio’s knowledge-base to be an integral part of assisting MERLION design ‘Best-In-Practice’ solutions for our clients and key stakeholders. Having assessed, formulated business practice improvements and solutions has enabled him to introduce and implement more efficient & effective processes.

Dionisio played a key role in securing the Puerto Rico & U.S.V.I. international airports after the terrorist’s attacks of 9/11. Working hand-in-hand with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and P.R. Customs agents, these regions’ threats are decreased and monitored on a daily 24/7 basis. These efforts were recognized by Boeing Corporation and the SBA and named him ‘Business Person of the Year in 2012’. The assignment of working with the U.S. Corp of Engineers at Lackland Air Force Base, in coordination with Navy Intelligence for the base’s General’s as well as in Puerto Rico’s largest military base, Ft. Buchanan and The Muñoz Marine Military Base, allows Dionisio to share highly sensitive data with the MERLION Group and clients in a secured manner.

“It is a privilege to work alongside this unique group of highly motivated individuals, who like myself, have dedicated their professional lives to securing the best interests of the United States of America”.

Judith Manongas Tyler

Language Consultant

Interpreter – International Facilitator Consultant, Special Projects

Judith brings MerLion a unique capability to converse in languages other than English.  She has worked extensively in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and is fluent in Arabic as well as the Filipino languages of Tagalog and Besiah. Judith also represents a network of linguists MerLion has at our disposal to translate and facilitate discussions in Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and Korean to name a few. Make sure your intentions and goals are aligned in the regions and countries your team operates – bring local linguistic expertise into your process!

John Marshall

Director of Maritime Operations

Department of Homeland Security, Customs Border Protection, U.S. Border Patrol, Director of Marine Operations (Laredo) led a team in the design and build of the current riverine vessels used by the Border Patrol. Led the development of the Training doctrine for the operators and crewmembers. Deployment to Iraq under the State Department as a law enforcement advisor for marine operations along the Euphrates River. Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection, Air and Marine Operations, Deputy Director Marine Operations (Coastal) Operated out of Port Isabel/ South Padre Island with deployments to San Diego, U.S. Virgin Islands, South Florida, and the Keys.  Chief of Staff for the South Texas Marine Task Force. He holds B.S. in Criminal Justice, M.A. in Administration with concentration in Criminal Justice Leadership from The University of the Incarnate Word.

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