Target Risk for Action

Target Risk

For Action

MerLion identifies threat capabilities pertinent to your business survival and profitability while shaping a risk mitigation plan tailored to your needs.  Implement specific, measurable, and focused counter-measures that direct costs to the most important areas of risk.  Understand the threat-scape and implement the coordination and activities required to manage events and incidents before they metastasize. 

Events and incidents happen. Identify risk specifics early and effectively minimize impact to your people, facilities and operations.  MerLion can provide the necessary guidance so your early efforts can lead the entire team in preparations to protect your brand while minimizing your security and safety costs.


MerLion helps you effectively counter risk and impact while minimizing your safety and security costs.

Versatile Security

Whether you are initiating a new international venture or revising current security based on world events, MerLion ensures your safety and security efforts are focused where, when, and how you need them. 

Wide Spectrum

MerLion processes are proven for the entire risk spectrum for people, facilities and operations.


Specific risk mitigations for all-threat environments yield a best-in-class approach to risk management.


Encompassing Protection

Protect your brand.  Targeted mitigation efforts focus cost where you need results!

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