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MerLion Advisors are experienced working in austere “expeditionary” environments.  They have facilitated new ventures, re-opened ventures previously affected by crisis, and tailored recommendations to protect key assets and operations.  Engage MerLion Advisors to assess the feasibility of operating in new environments while laying the ground work for successful projects, properly managed forward facilities, and/or secure logistics hubs.

We assist your team in making decisions affecting your organization’s health and profitability.  Whether the end product identifies a long-desired possibility, or recommends placing safety and security of your people and business first, MerLion helps steer your business down productive roads.

The “Holistic” Approach

MerLion Advisors consider threats and the resulting risk to your people and processes from a comprehensive perspective – natural, man-made, conflict based threat assessments give you a proven design-based approach to business success.

Protect Success

Holistically assessing the environmentals of business ventures puts your team on the trail to success.  Engage MerLion to facilitate your production and safety goals.


Connecting the dots

Takes a holistic approach to risk, and the threats that generate that risk.

The Human Element

Considering your people as the most critical platform you have – they make it possible.

Integrated Advisors

Advisors working with you to shape and achieve your goals.

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