Maritime Security



MerLion specializes in adapting and implementing security measures in support of offshore and associated shore-based operations to counter local threats.  Port vulnerabilities, transit routes, vessel defensive plans, training, regulatory planning, and audits all factor into effective maritime security. MerLion addresses maritime security from both vulnerability and capability perspectives in order to identify counter-measures you can employ effectively. 

Our team has operated the seven seas with extensive operations in waters of South America, West and East Africa, Middle East and Asia-Pacific with effectiveness and success.  MerLion understands the nuances of the maritime environment, its’ challenges related to maintenance, logistics, and continuity of operations.  Ultimately MerLion knows maritime security – it is at the heart of our name!

Your first and last stop

Experienced, comprehensive, and effective – get ahead of incidents with solid maritime security planning.

Experience Matters

MerLion brings you the best leaders, trainers, maintainers, and operators in the maritime space. With solid planning, command and control, training and resource integration our Advisors work to ensure your success.




MerLion Advisors see maritime security comprehensively to include critical elements of offense, defense, and endurance to best secure your operations and assets


We bring our regulatory expertise to your table to keep you compliant, and effective.

Mapping ahead

MerLion works with shore communities to enhance logistics while getting ahead of issues before they become incidents!

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