Maritime & Port Operations


Port Ops

MerLion management and operators have repeatedly been recognized for effective maritime security operations.  From the sovereign waters to waterways and port logistics our personnel have excelled in facilitating offshore projects, securing logistics chains, and supporting humanitarian efforts world-wide. 

Compliance with US (MTSA) and international (ISPS) maritime security requirements ensures your team can operate on-time, every time.  Adapting your plans to counter specific threats allows your people to focus on the tasks at hand and enables a production mind-set even in the most risk-enhanced environments.  Prepare and operate with confidence – instill the MerLion advantage and consistently out-perform.

Experience on tap

MerLion has operated extensively in the most adverse maritime environments with success.  From the Gulf of Guinea to East Africa to the Straits of Malacca and more, MerLion has effectively and efficiently countered prevailing threats, and facilitated successful maritime projects!

The Holistic Approach

Maritime success starts with onshore relations, compliance and targeted organizational training to effectively counter project risks.


All maritime crime/piracy is not equal. MerLion adapts with specific plans to counter local risks.


Our planning and training instills confidence and the ability to focus on production.


Detail Oriented

We consider all hazards from in-country logistics to offshore production for a holistic approach to project success.

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