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MerLion Advisors have extensive experience facilitating success for government and non-government activities alike.  From military projects to humanitarian support, MerLion members have provided the assessments, compliance, management, and operations necessary to achieve strategic goals.

We interface directly with organizational leaders to understand requirements, identify pitfalls, generate plans, and provide the necessary guidance to realize objectives of key leaders.  Simple or complex, government or non-government sourced, MerLion Advisors are always ready to animate efforts envisioned and designed to make a difference.

Who We Were, And are

MerLion brings a broad spectrum of professional government and non-government backgrounds to assess, develop and train your team to achieve key objectives.

Our background matters

MerLion Advisors from a variety of backgrounds are at your disposal to realize your objectives. Our advisors come from law enforcement, corporate leadership, military, education, finance, and more, to achieve your holistic security solutions.


Certified Advisors

MerLion Advisors carry the certifications necessary for compliance.

Simplifying situations

We break-down a “complex” situation to help ensure the success and achievement of objectives.

“People are your Platform”

We believe there is a way to succeed, particularly when it comes to taking care of people.



Merlion Advisory Group is a fully compliant DoD/ U.S. Government Contractor with the following credentials:

Certified Government Contracting
   CAGE Code: 82CD6
   Dunns#: 081104458
   Set Aside eligible: SDVOSB, HUBZone
488310 – Port & Harbor Operations
541611 – Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services
541618 – Other Management Consulting Services
541690 – Other Scientific & Technical Consulting Services
561612 – Security Guards and Patrol Services 
611430 – Professional & Management Development Services
611699 – All Other Miscellaneous Schools & Instruction
928110 – National Security
928120 – International Affairs
AT-45, 46, 47  //  B-546, 549  //  H-163, 363,    H-963  //  J-063  //  K-063  //  L-063
R-407, 410, 412, 413, 423, 424 R-429, 430, 497, 499, 608, 707, 799  //  S-206, 211, 216 
U-001, 003, 008, 009, 013, 014, 099  //  V-127

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