Emergency Preparedness



Emergency preparedness is at the core of our mind-set.  Our team assesses all-hazards from man-made to natural for impact on business operations.  We consider specific vulnerabilities of your operations while identifying trip-wires to initiate actions like activation of local resources, shelter-in-place protocols, phased evacuations, and more. 

Our approach is based in the U.S. governments Incident Command System (ICS) to ensure compatibility with other agencies while facilitating coordination with available assets.  By preparing the operating space with assessments, building local relationships, and staging critical materials the foundation is laid for continuity of your business operations, and ultimately for resiliency that looks like a market advantage during recovery.

Offensive and Defensive

Prepare your team to effectively handle adversity while setting the stage for resiliency and increased market capabilities.

Encompassing security

MerLion brings it all together: assessment of the risk landscape, setting plans and protocols in motion, and developing relationships necessary to build your business, and your market share, through adverse conditions.

All Hazards

Preparation includes an “all-hazards” approach to defining and developing key relationships and capabilities.



Response is pre-planned and phased based upon scope, trained for effectiveness, and rehearsed.



Designed for business continuity with a goal of market resiliency.

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