Corporate Entities




MerLion Advisory Group provides corporate leaders with threat-based guidance specific to your operations.  Advisors design mitigations and responses based upon local conditions using consistent processes to tailor plans specific to your needs.  This targets risk planning to be effective while being efficient with your budget.

MerLions’ people and processes will help open new markets as well – forge new opportunities for your Board and corporate team while growing your work force.

Regulatory compliance is met with shaped planning and implementation.  Streamline the efforts of your team and give them a sense of pride in their ability to secure your people with solid, compliant, security platforms.

Merlion: Your Choice

The MerLion team consists of proven international security practitioners ready to assist you in achieving corporate goals.  Directly insert our seasoned leaders alongside your team to achieve what matters: results.

“People are your Platform”

Secure your team so they can focus on and achieve corporate goals. MerLion works side-by-side with your leadership to achieve your compliance, operations, and expansion KPIs.


Tailored to your regulatory requirements, operations and your locations.


Simplifies and clarifies management roles.


Effective so your people and your processes are both safer and more productive.

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