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MerLion operates globally providing threat and risk assessments for facilities, operations, and service providers.  Our process tailors risk management to your needs while keeping actions laser-focused and costs process-specific.  Whether your business requires regulated plans or plans tailored for adaptability and effectiveness MerLion will accommodate with professionalism. 

Once needs are identified and plans are generated to suit your business operations MerLion stands ready to train for effect.  Corporate teams understand their roles and responsibilities while on-site leaders act with confidence knowing their scope of authorities and permissions. 

MerLion works with your team to set the conditions for success in all business ventures.

Precise and Encompassing

Meet your duty of care obligations while protecting your people, your assets, with specific actions.

Pinpoint Accuracy

We identify threat capabilities and business vulnerabilities to generate effective mitigation and coordination plans. Be specific and engage MerLion to keep your costs in check.



Risk management plans are threat-based, action-specific, and meet compliance requirements.


Tailored mitigations keep your costs down and production up.


Targeted security actions simplify operations while keeping your business on task.

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