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Arnie Tyler

CEO (Captain, U.S. Navy Retired)

“I have been fortunate to gather an incredible team of senior leaders and mentors together from numerous security management and operations backgrounds.  This is truly a “Best-in-Class” cadre of leaders, and one I am proud to bring to governments and corporations around the world!”

The Merlion Guarantee

Our History

MerLion Advisory Group brings a history of effective security operations and a breadth of experience in regulatory programs to help shape your business operations for success.

We have more than 100 years operational integration of maritime and shore based security establishing effective risk and liability management for US and overseas high value assets. Using experienced Consultants, MerLion shall strive to meet and exceed your your business needs with:


Keeping your risks and costs down and your revenues up by effectively securing your people and your processes.


“Your high performance team of former military, law enforcement, government agency and civilian security professionals with extensive international security and risk management experience. Together we combine our skills to bring you a holistic approach to securing your assets, operations, and most importantly… your people.”


“The “4 P’s” – People, Platform, Process and Performance – being integrated into action to secure your future with insightful security, strong business continuity, and compliant resilience. We bring you a team of leaders to ensure success for your operations.”

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